Friday, 20 September 2013

This week's news quiz: Mehreen's 15 to beat

I have had a really enjoyable few days at PA's headquarters in Howden with the Daily Mail's trainee subs this week. The trainees from The Daily Telegraph are also here so we got together for the end of week news quiz. Congratulations to the Telegraph's Mehreen Khan who scored 15 out of a possible 23 and the Mail's Rachael Day who came second with 14.5.
See if you can do any better ... 
The Daily Mirror - see question 17

1. What controversial word did David Cameron say 'was not motivated by hate'?
2. Who, in interviews this week, said: 'I just wanted to amuse people'?
3. The cruise ship Costa Concordia has been uprighted near which Italian island? And for a bonus point what is the name of the Captain who was in charge the night the ship capsized?
4. The Liberal Democrats party conference was held in Glasgow this week. Soon it will be the Tory party conference. Where will that be held?
For a bonus point Danny Alexander warned the conference that there would be no 'bonanza' on public spending. What is Mr Alexander's cabinet position?
5. A BBC news broadcaster was seen reading from a ream of A4 photocopying paper instead of an iPad. Who was he?
6. Stella McCartney has designed headscarves to be given free to cancer patients at which hospital?
7. Why was Darcy in trouble at a Wiltshire wedding?
8. Ricky Wilson, lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs, has joined what?
9. Who was robbed at gunpoint in Marylebone? 
10. What is coulrophobia? 
11. The Washington DC SWAT team was orderered not to intervene in the shootings at the naval yard. What does SWAT stand for?
And for a  bonus, name the man who shot 12 people.
12. French parents who put their daughter in a beauty pageant could be fined up to €30,000 if the girl is under what age?
13. What were the names of the two dogs, assigned to guard Prince William, who were put down by the MoD? Half point each.
14. Who put its 12.5% rise in profits down to a partnership with pop star Rihanna?
15. David Cameron was pictured dozing on Alice Sheffield's bed. How is he related to her?
16. Ken Norton, the man who famously broke Mohammed Ali's jaw, died this week. How old was he?
17. The Daily Mirror is undergoing a major redesign. Who is the editor of the Daily Mirror?
18. What are Premier League footballers being urged to wear this weekend?
19. America's biggest bank received a fine of £570m for its role in the London Whale trading scandal. Who is America's biggest bank?
20. A 23-year-old man was hit on the head with a brick and knifed in the back in Colindale, NW London. His attackers stole his mobile phone and what else?

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