Friday, 7 November 2014

Test yourself with this week's newsquiz

The Mail and Telegraph trainees that I have been with since early September have now all gone off on placement. So this week I was back on another beat, working in Dublin with The Irish Times. Traditionally the weekly news quiz has finished once the training diplomas end but a number of people (including those in my local pub, the Plough) have asked if I will continue it. So, here goes. There is no high score to beat this week but if you get 16 out of 25, I reckon you will be doing pretty well. 

The Ripper is back in the headlines: Question 11
1. Will Cornick was sentenced to life with a minimum of 20 years for killing teacher Ann Maguire ... by which court?
Bonus: Which subject did Mrs Maguire teach?
2. Russell Brand joined which anti-capitalist group in a Guy Fawkes night demonstration?
3. Fijian born Semesa Rokoduguni will make his debut for which rugby team tomorrow (Sat Nov 8)?
4. Who said: 'I had five months where I didn’t work and I found it really unrewarding. Because all the things you do at home are just taken for granted’?
5. Why was Rob O’Neill in the headlines?
6. Who tweeted: 'Closing down on Twitter while filming. In a place whence I've  been advised it is safest not to tweet. See you December. Here goes…'?
7. Norman Baker, who resigned as Home Office Minister, said working with Theresa May was like walking through what?
Bonus: Who took over from Mr Baker?
8. Whose effigy was saved from being burned on Lewes bonfire after the council received complaints? 
9. Sonya Loretta Dyer was dating Rurik Jutting for four years before his arrest  for the murder of two sex workers in Hong Kong. What was her pseudonym?
Bonus: On the night the first girl was killed Jutting went to the Old China Hand pub in Hong Kong's red light district and ordered a pint of what?
10. Claudia Winkleman will be taking time off while her daughter Matilda recovers from a Halloween accident. Who will replace her on Strictly Come Dancing?
11. Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe is said to be on the brink of death in Broadmoor Hospital after a heart attack. How many women was Sutcliffe convicted of murdering? 
Bonus: How old is Sutcliffe?
12. Why was Katie Mulrennan rejected from a teaching job in South Korea?
13. Boris Johnson and David Cameron have joined calls for the ceramic poppies to stay at the Tower of London for an extra week. When are the poppies scheduled to be removed?
14. The seventh Star Wars film was announced this week. What is its name?
15. On what date are the toll booths being removed from the Dartford Crossing?
Bonus: On the same day, the toll for a car will rise to how much?
16. What are Simon Danczuk and Ian Austin calling for?
17. Who sings the song, Real Love, being used in the new John Lewis advert?
18. The Republicans won control of the Senate in the mid-term Elections? How many seats does a party need to have control?
19. Why was Sophie Hunter in the headlines?
20. In an outbreak of headline abbreviations, the ECB was said to be planning a programme of QE. What do ECB and QE stand for? (half point for each)

Answers here

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