Friday, 21 November 2014

Try your hand at this week's news quiz

Here is this week's news quiz. Scores last week ranged from a paltry five to an impressive 18.5 (although that was a collective score so doesn't really count). The locals in my pub got a poor 11. The top individual score sent to me was 14 by Charlie Taverner. As usual there are 20 questions with five bonus points - so a total of 25 up for grabs. Let me know how you get on.

Rochester victor Mark Reckless (see Q1)
Photograph courtesy of the Press Association 
1. Ukip won the Rochester by-election but which party came fifth?
Bonus: What three-word Tweet led to the resignation of shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry?
2. Which seaside town was turned into Walmington-on-Sea for the filming of Dad’s Army?
3. What killed at least eight people in Buffalo, New York?
4. Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal killed five people in an attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem. How were they related?
Bonus: Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg was among those murdered. In which British city was he born?
5. The British Board of Film Classification initially warned that a new film included 'dangerous behaviour, mild threat, mild sex references and bad language.’ Name the film.
6. Bono had five-hours of reconstructive surgery - including three metal plates and 18 screws - on his face. What happened to him?
7. Why was Cherry Valley farm in the headlines?
8. England’s rugby head coach has come under fire after his side lost to New Zealand and South Africa. Name him.
Bonus: Who are England playing tomorrow?
9. Why was Afton Elaine Burton in the headlines?
10. The Miss World contestant from which country was found dead?
11. Myleene Klass clashed with Labour leader Ed Miliband over his proposed Mansion Tax on which TV programme?
Bonus: A petition is now calling for Miss Klass to be dropped as the face of which retailer?
12. Wigan Athletic FC’s shirt sponsors pulled out following the controversial appointment of Malkay Machay as manager.  Name them.
Bonus: Who did Machay replace?
13. Which hospital has threatened to take legal action to evict elderly patients who are bed-blocking?
14. Chris Ronnie was found guilty of accepting just over £1m in backhanders from suppliers when he was chief executive of which firm?
15. What do lawyer Tamara Green and actresses Janice Dickinson and Louisa Moritz have in common?
16. Motown singer Jimmy Ruffin died aged 78. What was his only UK Top Ten hit?
17. Where did widow Maria Raybould take her husband’s ashes?
18. How much was RBS fined for computer failures that left millions of customers unable to access its accounts?
19. In which country were there mass protests demanding the government find 43 missing trainee teachers?
20. Who was stopped by police for allegedly riding a bike at 16mph in a 5mph area in Hyde Park?

Answers here


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