Friday, 20 March 2015

Test yourself with this week's newsquiz

Here's this week's newsquiz. Last week's top scorers almost had a good sequence going. The top score of 17 was submitted by veteran quizzer Lydia Willgress. James Restall got an impressive 15, Chris Lennon clocked a personal best at 14, Alex Murphy 13, Adam Batstone (and Mrs B, Lucy Thorpe) got 12, the same as Damon Wake and Ailsa Leslie 11. A score of 16 would have made it very neat. As usual there are 20 questions, with five bonuses, so 25 points in total. Let me know how you get on with this week's quiz.  

The Budget dominated Thursday's front pages
(Question 1)
1. In his Budget, Chancellor George Osborne reduced the duty on beer by how much? Bonus: The personal tax allowance will increase to how much next year? Bonus: A new £1 coin will be introduced in 2017. How many sides will it have? Bonus: Mr Osborne announced that millions of pounds will be put towards commemorating the anniversaries of which two battles? Half point each. 
2. In a separate announcement the Government said it would raise the minimum wage for over 21-year-olds by 20p from October. This will make it how much per hour?
3. Who delivered an alternative budget using a yellow box?
4. Who said: 'Things would be dull without gossip’ ?
5. Thousands of people have signed a petition trying to prevent rapper Kanye West doing what?
6. What was the name of the museum where terrorists killed more than 20 people in Tunis? 
Bonus: A British woman was among those killed. What was her name?
7. How many British football teams in total made it through to the quarter finals of the Champions League and Europa League?
8. The Metropolitan Police is to be investigated over claims of 14 separate child sex abuse cover-ups - including allegations that it failed to charge which Liberal MP?
9. What was the name of the cyclone which caused death and devastation on the Pacific island of Vanuatu?
10. Victoria Beckham and Elton John were among the celebrities who spoke out against Dolce & Gabbana after the fashion designers called childen born via IVF what?
11. Lady Victoria Borwick was selected by the Conservatives to succeed Malcolm Rifkind in the safe seat of Kensington. Which official position does Lady Borwick currently hold?
12. The Likud party scored a decisive victory in which country’s general election?
13. Which supermarket reported its fifth consecutive quarter of falling sales and warned that trading conditions remain challenging 'for the foreseeable future’? Bonus: A survey by The Grocer magazine revealed which supermarket in the UK to be the cheapest?
14. Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps said he 'screwed up' by saying he never had a second job while an MP - when he was working as a web marketeer under which pen name?
15. American Ellis Short swapped a Urugayan for a Dutchman. Where did this happen?
16. HSBC wrote to customers telling them their accounts may be closed if they did not take their passport and address details to a local branch. Where did the branch have to be?
17. Why were judges Timothy Bowles, Warren Grant and Peter Bullock removed from office?
18. From which date will passport checks be carried out on all people leaving the UK? 
19. How was a Czech tourist, visiting the Norwegian island of Svalbard to watch the solar eclipse, injured?
20. Which of these is not included in the National Bird Campaign to pick the UK’s most iconic bird? Blue tit, robin, swan, sparrow, wren, red kite?

Answers here

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