Friday, 6 March 2015

Try your hand at this week's newsquiz

There were some good scores in last week's news quiz. The top mark went to Daniel Matthews with 18. Matt Cornish and Alex Murphy both got 17, Natalie Marchant and Ian Parker delivered a joint effort (in the pub no doubt) of 16, Chris Lennon scored 12, Adam Batstone 11 and Jonny Singer an improved 10. I didn't hear from a lot of the regular quizzers ... which usually means they are busy (or didn't do very well). 
Have a crack at this week's. As usual there are 20 questions with five bonus points, so 25 points in all. Let me know how you get on.

Harrison Ford crashes his plane. An updated Sun page from today (Q18)
1. Boris Johnson confronted Asim Qureshi on his radio show after his campaigning group suggested MI5 was to blame for the radicalisation of Mohammed Emwazi. Name Qureshi's campaigning group. Bonus: It was alleged that Emwazi kidnapped two schoolboys in 2008 and dumped them at the side of which road? Bonus: Jamshed Javeed was sent to prison for six years by Woolwich Crown Court for planning to go to Syria. What was Javeed’s job?
2. Why was Nathan Matthews in the headlines?
3. Beautiful South musician Paul Heaton, gay rights campaigners and MP Dennis Skinner are among those attending rallies around the country to mark the 30th anniversary of what?
4. Which fictional character did the parents of three-year-old Amari Black blame for teaching their son to swear?
5. Tony Blair is to donate £1,000 to each of Labour’s 'battleground seats' to help their election campaign. How much is he donating in total?
6. Lara Stone has left her husband David Walliams, taking with her their son and their dog. Name the dog. Bonus: Name the son.
7. The Government announced it is selling its 40 per cent stake in which company to an Anglo-Canadian consortium for £757.1m?
8. According to a survey in the British Medical Journal how long is the average male penis when erect?
9. What does chief executive officer Antony Jenkins want to kill off - saying it would be a ‘step forward’ for customers?
10. What did Martin Le-May capture that went viral and graced the pages of most newspapers? 
11. According to an investigation led by Dr Bill Kirkup, the deaths of 11 babies and one mother at Furness General Hospital were the responsibility of a group of midwives who called themselves  'The …………..’ Fill in the blank word.
12. What did horologist David Mitchell do to mark his retirement?
13. Newcastle striker Papiss Cisse accepted a ban of how many matches for spitting at Manchester United’s Jonny Evans? Bonus: Footballer Adam Johnson was suspended by which club after being arrested on suspicion of having sex with a 15-year-old girl?
14. John Sylvan said he regretted inventing what?
15. Konstandinos Erik Scurfield was killed in which country?
16. Who are the only two unbeaten teams in cricket’s World Cup? Half point for each.
17. Who said: 'My understanding is mourn the dead but celebrate life. I chose to celebrate life by going to the Red Cross gathering in Palm Beach’?
18. Actor Harrison Ford crash-landed his plane on which hole at a golf course in Venice, California? Bonus: How old is Harrison Ford?
19. Who said: 'You can’t actually physically get up… you can’t get off your bed. It is hard to explain, it is like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders.’
20. Eleven-year-old Liam Scholes was told to adjust the costume he wore for a World Book Day event at his Manchester school. Who was he dressed as?

Answers here

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