Friday, 10 June 2016

Have a crack at this week's newsquiz

The top individual scorer in last week's newsquiz was Liz Gerard with 17.5 and the best team score was the Batstone Collective with 18.5. 'The Greatest,' was how they topically summed up their triumph. Others in double figures included the Penmans with 16, Alex Murphy with 15.5, Ted Ditchburn, 13, and a sterling effort by Ian 'I don't read the papers' McCulloch with 11. 
Here is this week's quiz. As usual 20 questions with five bonuses, so 25 points to be won. Let me know how you get on. 

Death of an icon as reported in The Times
(see Question 1)
1. Muhammad Ali died in which American city?
Bonus: Which two famous names, along with family and friends Jerry Ellis, John Grady, Jan Wadell, Ibn Ali, Komawi Ali and John Ramsey, were chosen to be pallbearers at Ali’s funeral? Half a point each
Bonus: Why did Barack Obama say he could not attend Ali’s memorial service?
2. In a live debate on ITV Nigel Farage said that his comments about what event were 'a tiddly issue' in the campaign over the EU referendum?
Bonus: Former prime Minister John Major said, on BBC1’s The Andrew Marr Show, that the NHS would be about as safe with Boris Johnson and Michael Gove as a pet hamster would be with a 'hungry _______’. What is the missing word?
3. Who said: 'My mother believed that life is about serving others. And she taught me never to back down from a bully which it turns out was pretty good advice’?
4. Former BHS owner Dominic Chappell was described by his old finance boss Michael Hitchcock as a ______ _______ liar. What are the two missing words?
5. Former Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro claimed, at an employment tribunal in Croydon, that coach Jose Mourinho shouted in Portuguese 'filha da puta' at her. What does the phrase mean in English?
6. Whose appearances at a polo match at Coworth Park in Berkshire led to speculation of a new romance? Half point for each person. 
7. Who was accused of running 'a gulag, as Victorian as a workhouse – not a warehouse’? 
8. Euro 2016 organisers have been embarrassed that the tournament's mascot, a boy with a cape, has the same name as a sex toy. What is the mascot called?
Bonus: In which French city are the England football team based for Euro 2016?
Bonus: Which non-professional footballer scored the first goal for England in the Soccer Aid 2016 game and was then apparently made offers by two Premier League clubs?
9. Minicab driver Muhiddin Mire was found guilty of attempted murder after trying to behead a commuter at which London station?
10. Who wore fake tan, a red tie, padded suit and a wig to perform an impersonation of Donald Trump at the Park Public Theater Gala in New York?
11. Official celebrations for the Queen’s birthday begin today … but it is actually Prince Philip's birthday. How old is he?
12. Luxury homes and a beach club were destroyed when a monster storm struck Collaroy on the outskirts of which city?
13. What is the Harry Potter play called which is previewing at the Palace Theatre in London?
14. Ed Sheeran is being sued for $20million, accused of making a 'note-for-note copy' of the Matt Cardle song Amazing. What is the name of Sheeran’s song?
15. Two gunmen dressed in suits killed four diners at a crowded restaurant in which city?
16. Tennis player Maria Sharapova was given a two-year ban from tennis after she tested positive for which drug at the Australian Open in January?
17. Why did more than 800,000 people sign an online petition calling for US judge Aaron Persky to be removed from the bench?
18. A waitress in a cafe in Nice filed a police complaint after she was allegedly assaulted by two men because she refused to stop doing what?
19. Why was 49-year-old Steve Double in the headlines?
20. Staff at the Vale wildlife hospital, near Tewkesbury, had to clean up a seagull after it turned what colour.

Answers here

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