Saturday, 25 June 2016

Brexit ... front pages from around the world

We witnessed one of the biggest UK stories I can remember yesterday. The Prime Minister resigns and it isn't even the main headline. I guess it is one of those occasions when I really miss the newsroom. Anyway today's front pages reflect the mood of Europe and the division that has cut the country in half. Here is a selection:

Let's start with France's Liberation ... which tells us quite well what the rest of Europe thinks. We are being trolled here.

Austria's Kurier takes an archetypal British clown and asks a key question. We are definitely being trolled.

The same clown graces the front of The New Yorker ... even the Americans are trolling us now.

A big issue ... nicely understated by The Economist.

The Mirror asked a similar question to Kurier ... put into the mouth of Sam Cam. A great picture.

Germany's Bild goes for an English pun on its front. 

The good news is Bild's back page says Brefugees will be welcome.

Holland's AD goes for a shocker. The headline isn't really needed ... the picture says everything.

The Mail has banged the Brexit drum for the whole campaign ... and relishes the result.


The Mail's Scottish edition isn't so convinced that Brexit is such a good thing.

Scotland is going to be a big deal ... which is good news for The National.

Nicola Sturgeon is the Daily Record's cover girl once again.

Nicola Sturgeon also graces the Herald, along with a quote that neatly sums up her and Scotland's position. 

The Scotsman favours a grim Cameron.

And then there is the Irish question ... over to you First Minister, says The Irish News 

The Belfast Telegraph says it's a step into the unknown. Sounds about right. 

The Guardian sums it up in a three-word headline.

Most people thought David Cameron handled himself with dignity yesterday ... but The Sun offers  a different view.

The Sun in Scotland goes for a split front to reflect a split country. 

A white on black headline on the front of The Times ... seismic.

The Telegraph sees the positive side ... and there's that Sam Cam picture again.

It was the Express what won it ... and it couldn't be happier.

The Express is a little less gung-ho in Scotland.

The Star goes for the bulldog spirit. 

Grim ...  the i leads on Cameron's haunted look.

Boris Island. The Independent builds a picture of the possible nightmare to come. 

The Herald Sun sums it up in true Aussie style.
Most of America seemed to be oblivious to what was going on ... but not the Boston Herald.

The world is stunned ... according to the International New York Times.

The FT simply captures the mood.

Only one story dominates the Australian papers.

An amazing story told in the imaginative way that only newspapers can. We'll miss them when they're gone.

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  1. We witnessed one of the biggest UK stories I can remember yesterday. The Prime Minister resigns and it isn't even the main headline.

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