Friday, 1 July 2016

The newsquiz: 25 questions about the week

There is a slight change to the quiz this week. As the week was dominated by two or three stories, there are no bonuses …. just 25 questions. Last week’s top scorer was once again Alex Murphy with 18. He is certainly becoming the man to beat. The best team score was once again by the Batstone Collective with 18.5 ‘imperially measured' points. It must be getting too easy … or it could be that these last two weeks everyone has been forensically studying the news. A special mention to my mates in the Plough, Udimore, who scored a collective 16 and Thom Sands who got into double figures with 11. Here are this week’s questions. Let me know how you get on.

The National sums up the week
1. Theresa May and Michael Gove are the front runners to be the next Conservative Party leader. Name the other three contenders. Half point for two names, full point for three names.
2. Boris Johnson, in announcing that he would not be standing, said the next Prime Minister had to seize Britain's 'moment to ___ ___ ___ ___ ___’. What are the five missing words?
3. Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley, used which Shakespearean quote to sum up the situation?
4. Which MP called for Jeremy Corbyn’s resignation after she walked out of a press conference following comments about her by one of the leader's supporters? 
5. Pat Glass resigned from the shadow cabinet only two days after being appointed. What was her position?
6. Who said she would make a statement about her position on the labour leadership later in the day … but then didn’t?
7. Who told MEPs: 'I know that virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives or worked in business or worked in trade or ever created a job’?
8. What is the full name of the airport where terrorists killed 42 people this week?
9. Ten people were taken to hospital after a rollercoaster accident in which town?
10. Who was the most-watched act at Glastonbury since 2008, according to TV viewing figures?
11. Why was policeman Sam Philpot in the headlines? 
12. Who said of the England football team: 'The Academy Generation - for that is what they are - soft physically and soft mentally’? 
13. What did outgoing FA chairman Greg Dyke say was the ‘harder question’? 
14. How many games did Marcus Willis, ranked 772 in the world, win against Roger Federer in the second round at Wimbledon?
15. How did British number 2 Heather Watson say she punished herself after her first round defeat to Annika Beck at Wimbledon?
16. Scotty Moore died this week aged 84. What was his claim to fame?
17. Why were the tolls for the Tyne Tunnel lifted?
18. How old is the woman who won a Court of Appeal battle to use her dead daughter’s frozen eggs so she can give birth to her own grandchild?
19. Which married couple are making their debut as the summer presenters of This Morning?
20. Who accidentally gets killed off in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie?
21. Gordon Murray, who died this week, created which children's TV series? 

22. Which city was recaptured by Iraqi government forces after being under ISIS control for two years?
23. Chris Christie is reportedly being vetted for what role?
24. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry attended a vigil at a memorial where 70,000 British and Commonwealth soldiers with no known grave are commemorated. What is the memorial called?
25. What did Dame Judi Dench receive for her 81st birthday from her daughter Finty Williams?

Answers here

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  1. 11.25 - i have been studying the news carefully this week. (I'm taking a quarter point for Stephen Crabb)