Friday, 6 January 2017

Have a crack at the newsquiz

Last week’s top newsquiz solo scorers were Janet Boyle and Mike Lowe with 18. The top team was The Penmans with 18.5. Nick Martin with 17 also deserves an honourable mention. Here’s this week’s quiz. As usual there are 25 questions about the week. Let me know how you get on. 

The i reports on the Turkish nightclub killings (Question 2)

1. Who replaced Sir Ivan Rogers as ambassador to the European Union?
2. What was the name of the Istanbul nightclub where 39 people were shot dead?
3. Two young cousins died in a hit and run incident in which town?
4. Who is to close six restaurants after tough trading and the 'pressures and unknowns' following the Brexit vote?
5. Carole Vorderman is spearheading a campaign for a knighthood to be awarded to 95-year-old George ‘Johnny’ Johnson, who is the last surviving member of what?
6. Average rail fares went up by what per cent at the beginning of January?
7. Northern Ireland’s first minister Arlene Foster reacted to calls for her to stand down by saying: ‘A lot of it is personal, a lot of it, sadly, is __________’. What is the missing word?
8. Who Tweeted: 'Jeremy Corbyn continues to have my full support, he's a genuine, decent man fighting for a fairer Britain - media headlines distort facts!
9. Alleged drug dealer Mohammed Yassey Yaqub was shot dead by police on which motorway?
10. Which was the first Premier League club to part company with its manager in 2017?
11. Who said she was ‘mortified' by a distastrous televised performance on New Year’s Eve?
12. The strongest earthquake to hit the UK in more than a decade, measuring 3.9 on the Richter Scale, led to a flurry of social media jokes about which town?
13. Who gave birth to a boy called Eissa?
14. Hawes parish council in North Yorkshire said it had discussed a ‘dreadfully rude and offensive' shop five times since 2013 and had received more than 20 complaints in the last year. What type of shop is it?
15. Ebbsfleet Academy in Kent sent 20 girls home because their skirt hems were more than how many centrimetres above the knee?
16. What did pranksters do to the famous Hollywood sign in LA?
17. Why was non-league footballer Alfie Barker sacked?
18. Nye Frankie Newman, 17, was killed where?
19. Why was Rebecca Deferia in the headlines?
20. Four supporters of which football club were given suspended prison sentences after being found guilty of pushing a black man off a Paris Metro train and chanting a racist song?
21. Which company’s share price fell by 15 per cent after announcing a 3.5 percent slump in high street pre-Christmas sales? 
22. The Bank of England admitted its dire warning of a downturn in the wake of the Brexit vote was a '____ ____ moment'. What are the two missing words?
23. According to Canadian research, what increases the chance of Alzheimer’s by 12 percent?
24. Mr Whoppitt returned to Lake Coniston to mark the 50th anniversary of Donald Campbell’s death while trying to break the water-speed record in his boat Bluebird. What is Mr Whoppitt?
25. The best selling debut album of 2016, with 111,650 copies sold, was by which artist?

Answers here

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