Friday, 13 January 2017

Time to tackle the newsquiz

The top solo scorer in last week’s quiz was Damon Wake with 17. The Penmans were the top team, also with 17. Here’s this week’s quiz. As usual there are 25 questions about the week. Give them a go and let me know your score.

Farewell to Graham Taylor: The Mail's back page (Question 12)
1. Name the ex-MI6 man who is in hiding over the Trump sex tape scandal
2. On what date will Donald Trump be sworn in as US president?
3. Who was named as the unpaid senior advisor to the President-elect?
4. What did President-elect Donald Trump call 'a failing pile of garbage’ during his news conference?
5. Michelle Obama was left teary-eyed after who serenaded her with a medley of his greatest hits, singing You'll Always Be First Lady In Our Minds?
6. Which honour did Barack Obama award his vice president Joe Biden?
7. The Environment Agency warned that coastal communities in four counties should be prepared for large waves and possible flooding. Name the counties. Half a point for three, one point for all four.
8. Mother Sarah Bryan says she has been subjected to ‘death threats’ and hate messages and is too frightened to leave her house after appearing on TV this week. What did she do to provoke such a reaction?
9. Home Secretary Amber Rudd had an embarrassing arrival at 10 Downing Street and had to be helped by an aide. What happened to her?
10. Who quit the Celebrity Big Brother house after one week?
11. Who resigned over the handling of a Renewable Heat Incentive scheme?
12. Former England football manager Graham Taylor, died age 72. He started his managerial career at Lincoln City and was then boss of two other teams before joining England. Name those teams. Half a point each.
13. What was the name of the US airport where a gunman shot dead five people?
14. Old Omar, Marceau the Gypsy and Broken Nose were all questioned about what?
15. What change did Fifa announce for the World Cup in 2026?
16. Why was tour guide Ethan Rond said to be a hero?
17. Which movie won the Best Motion Picture (Drama) at this year’s Golden Globes awards?
18. In her Golden Globes' acceptance speech, Meryl Steep took the opportunity to criticise Donald Trump. Which award did she receive?
19. Why was Hayden Cross in the headlines?
20. How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored for Manchester United to equal Sir Bobby Charlton’s record
21. What did Paris Jackson say made her want to vomit?
22. Peter Sarstedt, who died aged 75, had a number one hit with Where Do You Go To My Lovely in which year?
23. James Corden described Pierce Brosnan as a ‘bit f***ing rude’ after the famous actor pushed him at a concert by which band?
24. Former shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt quit to become director of what?
25. Prince William played a game of Who Am I while visiting Centrepoint. Who was the famous person he had to name?

Answers here

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