Friday, 13 January 2017

Try your hand at the Aussie newsquiz

I have had a good week with seven Daily Mail Australia trainees and four young UK MailOnline journalists in Sydney. They have enjoyed sessions by editor Luke McIlveen, news-editor Barclay Crawford, Femail editor Katherine Davison and Josh Hanrahan who was on the training scheme last year. On Wednesday night the trainees had drinks with the senior staff. This weekend they are finding stories to pitch to the newsdesk and Femail. As usual we finished the week with the newsquiz. Well done to Jacob Polychronis who scored 14.5, narrowly beating Kirby Spencer on 13. Here is the newsquiz -  25 questions about the week’s events. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Daily Mail Australia on Amber Sherlock's 'diva' moment
 (Question 25)

1. On what date will Donald Trump be sworn in as US president?
2. Who was named as the unpaid senior advisor to the President-elect?

3. What did President-elect Donald Trump call 'a failing pile of garbage’ during his news conference?
4. Michelle Obama was left teary-eyed after who serenaded her with a medley of his greatest hits, singing You'll Always Be First Lady In Our Minds?
5. Which honour did Barack Obama award to his vice president Joe Biden?

6. Why has there been an online backlash against Target stores?
7. Mother Sarah Bryan says she has been subjected to ‘death threats’ and hate messages and is too frightened to leave her house after appearing on UK TV this week. What did she do to provoke such a reaction? 
8. The lawyer for celebrity accountant Anthony Bell said his wife Kelly Landry was suffering from ‘celebrity_______’ What is the missing word?
9. What was the name of the Gold Coast Movie World rollercoaster on which 20 people were stranded?

10. Which former cricketer agreed to a 12-month apprehended domestic violence order taken out by police for his girlfriend Julie Singleton?
11. Sussan Ley, accused of billing taxpayers more than $13,000 to pilot two private flights, temporarily stepped down from which position?
12. Which airline cancelled all flights to and from Bali due to changes to Indonesian flight requirements?
13. Who sold her luxury Hunters Hill home for a reported sum of $20 million?
14. What did Fifa announce will change in the World Cup of 2026?
15. What was the name of the US airport where a gunman shot dead five people?
16. What did Paris Jackson say made her want to vomit?
17. Which movie won the Best Motion Picture (Drama) at this year’s Golden Globe awards?
18. In her Golden Globes' acceptance speech Meryl Steep took the opportunity to criticise Donald Trump. Which award did she receive?
19. Which famous mother-of-four said she was hoping to have another child, even though she is approaching her 50th birthday?

20. Why was tour guide Ethan Rond said to be a hero?
21. Robert Xie was found guilty of murdering five members of his wife’s family. When did the murders take place?
22. Who described AFL officials as 'thugs and 'bullies' with no 'moral compass’?
23. Old Omar, Marceau the Gypsy and Broken Nose were all questioned about what?
24. Why was 29-year-old mother of two Jess Lee Donker in the headlines?
25. Channel 9 News presenter Amber Sherlock had a disagreement with a reporter over the fact both were wearing white outfits. Name the reporter.

Answers here

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