Friday, 26 January 2018

Aussie trainees get first stories published

Daily Mail Australia trainees Greta Levy, Cait Kelly, Sam Lock, Claudia Poposki, Nicole Pierre and Holly Hales
The Daily Mail Australia trainees in Sydney have had an energetic week. They had sessions with editor Barclay Crawford, former trainees Matilda Rudd, Hannah Moore and Josh Hanrahan and with Femail editor Sheree Mutton. They also gained their first bylines. Claudia Poposki and Nicole Pierre took pictures at the women’s march in Sydney on Sunday which were published here.

Greta Levy interviewed Australia's young Indigenous Prime Minister on the eve of Australia Day and her exclusive story was the banner overnight on Thursday and into today. You can read it here

Holly Hales interviewed the mother and sister of a man who was stabbed to death during Australia Day celebrations two years ago and who told her their lives had been 'destroyed beyond repair'. Holly's exclusive story is here

The trainees had a bit of Australia Day fun too. Claudia looked at very Aussie alternatives to the Australian of the Year awards. Her nominees included Melissa the shark wrangler and a sexy kangaroo. Really! Claudia's story is here.

Cait Kelly reported on today's big cockroach race in Brisbane followed by the Miss Cocky awards. Read it here.

This afternoon they are covering the protests and celebrations around Sydney.
Before they hit the streets we did the newsquiz  ... 25 questions from the week's events. This week's winner was Claudia with a solid 16 points, just ahead of Nicole and Holly with 14.5. Give it a go and see if you can do any better.

1. Scarlett Johansson told the crowd at the Los Angeles Women's March that she 'wanted her pin back' from who?
2. Who claimed that allegations of sexual misconduct, published by Fairfax and the ABC, had 'annihilated' his career?
3. The cast of Home And Away attended the funeral of actress Jessica Falkholt at St Mary's Catholic Church in which Sydney suburb?
4. More than a dozen passengers were injured when a train ploughed into a barrier at which Sydney station?
5. A three-day government shutdown in America finished when the Democrats agreed to end the standoff in exchange for a promise of a debate on the future of what?
6. Nick Kyrgios was knocked out of the Australian Open in the fourth round by who?
7. Why was Nick Kyrgios fined $2,500 during his match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at the Australian Open on Tuesday?
8. Gina Rinehart, Harry Triguboff, Andrew Forrest and Frank Lowy were included on which list, according to a report by Oxfam International?
9. Australian businessman Rohan Arnold was arrested at gunpoint inside the Metropol Palace Hotel in which city?
10. A possible grave site for the three missing children, who disappeared from Glenelg Beach, Adelaide, on Australia Day in 1966, has been uncovered in Plympton. What was the surname of the three children?
11. Five-year-old Alyssa Jayde New was ‘petrified’ after being trapped where for five hours?
12. Singer Neil Diamond cancelled his tour dates in Australia and New Zealand after announcing he had been diagnosed with what?
13. On average people calling Centrelink waited an average of __ minutes and __ seconds to talk with someone, according to the agency's annual report. What are the two missing numbers?
14. What was the name of the cafe in Bankstown City Plaza in Sydney where a lawyer was shot dead on Tuesday?
15. Actress Margot Robbie celebrated her first Oscar nomination for her role in which film?
16. A statue of which historical figure was splattered with pink paint and sprayed with the Aboriginal flag and the words 'no pride’ in St Kilda, Melbourne?
17. Maree Crabtree was charged on Wednesday over the deaths of who?
18. Why was 24-year-old Cherry Seaborn in the headlines?
19. The police chief and mayor of which city said they would intervene after four Japanese tourists were presented with a bill of €1,100 for four steaks, a plate of mixed grilled fish and water?
20. A distinctive tattoo on the leg of gang member led investigators to the men involved in a rape of a 16-year-old at a party in western Sydney. The tattoo was a picture of what?
21. Anneka Bading inadvertently filmed the moment a man slipped and drowned at which Australian waterfall?
22. What did Jack Brooksbank do while watching the sun set over a volcano in Nicaragua?
23. Chinese scientists have cloned what animals, using the same technique that produced Dolly the Sheep?
24. Which commission ruled that Sydney’s rail workers were unable to take strike action on Monday, in part because of the threat to the economy?
25. What is the name of the 17-year-old Indigenous Prime Minister who said January 26 should be a day of mourning?

Answers here

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