Friday, 19 January 2018

Time to tackle this week's newsquiz

The top scorer in last week's newsquiz was Elly Rewcastle with 18, narrowly ahead of Andy Reed on 17. The Penman Partnership and Adam Batstone and Lucy Thorpe were the top teams, also on 18. 

Jamie Johnson and Miles Dilworth (above) scored 16 'over a couple of drams of whisky on the Isle of Mull'. A pretty good score under the circumstances. Here is this week's quiz - as usual 25 questions about the week. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Today's front pages
1. The Government is setting up a national taskforce to support businesses and workers affected by the collapse of which company?
2. How many Labour MPs voted against the party whip, after being urged to abstain, and voted to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union?
3. Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey overturned a government policy, that restricted those with mental health conditions from receiving PIPs, which was described by the High Court as 'blatantly discriminatory.’  What does PIPs stand for?
4. What was the name of the 17th century pub where Theresa May entertained the French President Emmanuel Macron?
5. Nigel Farage commented on the Foreign Secretary’s idea to build a bridge across the English Channel by tweeting: 'Boris' ______ bridge sounds like a big waste of money. Dangerous for container ships and useless when the wind blows (which is often)!’ What is the missing word?
6. French president Emmanuel Macron threw his presidential weight behind calls for the United Nations to recognise what as a 'cultural treasure’?
7. What is set to come to Britain for the first time in 950 years?
8. US president Donald Trump caused a diplomatic stir by reportedly referring to countries in Africa and one other country as shitholes. What was the other country?
9. Ronny Jackson, the White House doctor, said US president Trump was in 'excellent health' but warned he had a Body Mass Index of what?
10. Why was Jo Marney in the headlines?
11. Dolores O’Riordan who died aged 46 was the lead singer with which Irish band?
12. Who tweeted: 'I woke up this morning in Hawaii with ten minutes to live?’
13. What is the surname of the family that reportedly kept their 13 children malnourished and chained to beds in Perris, California?
14. What was the pseudonym used by the woman who wrote about her encounter with actor and comedian Aziz Ansari?
15. Who married two flight attendants on a plane travelling from Santiago?

16. The film A Good Year, directed by Sir Ridley Scott, was based on a book by Peter Mayle, who died this week aged 78. What was the book called?
17. Lady Lucan, who died age 80, left her estate to which charity?
18. Travel agent Cassie Hayes was killed as she worked in a TUI office in which town?
19. Peter Wyngarde, who died age 90, was best known for his role as which TV detective?
20. He was born in French Guiana, became the third black player to be capped for England and was awarded an MBE in 2008. Who is he?
21. According to a BBC documentary, gemstones from the Crown Jewels were stashed in what to hide them at Windsor Castle during the Second World War? 
22. Television personality Ant McPartlin issued a statement saying he was 'very sad to announce that he is ending his marriage to Lisa’ after how many years?
23. Talking about his son’s new position, Danny Wilson said: 'I should be the proudest dad in the world, as happy as a lark by what he's achieved - but I am ashamed of him. 'I can't even bring myself to use his name.’ Who was he referring to?
24. Who announced her first pregnancy on Facebook by saying: 'Clarke and I are really excited that in June our team will expand from two to three, and that we'll be joining the many parents out there who wear two hats.’
25. What did 30-year-old Joey Wheeler do for a reported £180?

Answers here

If you are feeling confident, this week there is also an Australian newsquiz here

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