Friday, 26 January 2018

Here's this week's newsquiz - 25 questions

Last week’s newsquiz was clearly a tough one … with the top score a modest 14 by both Toby Brown and Ollie Gillman. The best team score was Team Batstone (Adam, Lucy Thorpe and daughter Meg) with 13. This week’s quiz, I think, is a little easier. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. 

1. An investigation by which newspaper reported that women were groped and propositioned by guests at the Presidents Club charity dinner?
2. Among the auction lots being sold at the Presidents Club charity dinner were tea and lunch with which two well-known figures? Half a point for each.
3. Chancellor Philip Hammond upset party colleagues when he told business leaders in Davos that: ‘We are taking two completely interconnected and aligned economies with high levels of trade between them, and selectively moving them, hopefully very _____ apart’. What is the missing word?
4. Boris Johnson accused which organisation of speaking ‘nonsense' after it demanded Britain stay in a customs union with the EU?
5. Although no figure was mentioned at the Cabinet meeting, it was widely reported that Boris Johnson would call for how much extra funding per week for the NHS?
6. UKIP leader Henry Bolton said his party's national executive was 'unfit for purpose' and he would be staying in post. He said ‘in a single phrase, it is time to ____ ____ ____.’ What are the missing three words?
7. The head of the Army warned that hostility with Russia could come sooner than expected and Britain must prepare to 'fight the war we might have to fight’. What is his name?
8. Broadcasters Huw Edwards, Jon Sopel, John Humphrys and Jeremy Vine all agreed, in principle, to do what?
9. Former England footballer Jimmy Armfield, who died age 82, made a record 627 appearances for which football team?
10. Who received a standing ovation in the House of Lords and quoted Seamus Heaney’s last words Noli Timere - do not be afraid.
11. Why was Russell Hume in the headlines?
12. What did Jack Brooksbank do while watching the sun set over a volcano in Nicaragua?
13. What is the name of the porn star who was allegedly paid £95,000 in hush money over an alleged affair with Donald Trump?
14. Why was 24-year-old Cherry Seaborn in the headlines?
15. The police chief and mayor of which city said they would intervene after four Japanese tourists were presented with a bill of €1,100 (£970) for four steaks and a plate of mixed grilled fish and a water?
16. Kyle Edmund's semi-final appearance in the Australian Open means he will move 
into the top 30 when the rankings are released next week. What is his current ranking?
17. Canadian Justin Cheng is believed to have become the seventh student to have taken their own life in 18 months at which university?
18. Scarlett Johansson told the crowd at the Los Angeles Women's March she 'wanted her pin back' from who?
19. Singer Neil Diamond announced he was retiring from touring after being diagnosed with what?
20. Who deleted his Twitter account, which had 1.6 million followers, following criticism of ’sexist’ tweets dating back to 2012?  
21. Simon Barnes, 52, who froze to death on a Liverpool Street played which TV character from 1998 to 2001?
22. Staff of which supermarket group were told of plans to axe the roles of deputy manager, department manager, team leader and store supervisor - a shake-up that puts thousands of jobs at risk?
23. Chinese scientists have cloned what animals, using the same technique that produced Dolly the Sheep?
24. Who gatecrashed the This Morning team as they accepted the best daytime programme at the National Television Awards.
25. Anya Shrubsole became the first woman to appear where?

Answers here. 

If you are feeling particularly confident there is an Australian newsquiz this week too. Try it here

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