Thursday, 21 October 2010

Farewell to 'young lions' of the Daily Telegraph

A post course drink with the Telegraph trainees: From my left - Donna, trainer Mike Watson, Raf, Sarah with the Champagne, Matthew and Emily. Josie escaped early. 

How daunting is this? As a trainee journalist, you have three days to come up with three ideas for new Daily Telegraph sections, write them, design the publications, the websites and the apps, make them profitable, deliver a marketing strategy and present it all in the boardroom to the paper's senior executives. That's what the Telegraph's trainees did this week as a culmination of their seven-week course with Press Association Training.  And what a professional job they did too. Donna Bowater, Josie Ensor, Emily Gosden, Matthew Holehouse, Sarah Rainey and Raf Sanchez are now off to PA and regional papers in Liverpool, Cardiff and Glasgow to get down to their day jobs as reporters. Next year, their training complete, they will be back at the Telegraph. Before they left they had one more daunting task - the final newsquiz. Well done to Matthew Holehouse for an impressive weekly total of 17 points. Sarah Rainey was the star, though, winning the champagne for consistently brilliant results over the seven weeks and finishing with 98 points, 14 ahead of Matthew in second place. Good luck to them all. See how you do. Seventeen out of 23 to beat.

Newsquiz October 22
1. What is the name of the charity offering £200 to drug addicts if they have a vasectomy?
2. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera gave David Cameron a piece of rock and in return Cameron gave the president 33 bottles of Real Ale and a book. What was the title of the book?
3. What is the real name of the stately home where Downton Abbey is filmed?
4. Which airport was blockaded as part of the ongoing French protests?
5. Britain currently has two operational aircraft carriers. One is Ark Royal, name the other.
6. Name the two aircraft carriers that will be built to replace them (one point for each).
7. Which RAF base is to close after the Government cancelled orders for the new Nimrod aircraft?
8. Which British wildlife animal is back from the brink of extinction with its numbers increasing tenfold in 30 years. For a bonus point name the only English county where this creature has not returned.
9. What discovery has spurred Japan's foreign ministry to order a round of belt-tightening? 
10. The TV licence has been frozen for 6 years, how much does it cost?
11. To which hospital was Margaret Thatcher admitted?
12. The pension age for men and women is to go up to 66. In which year will the changes take effect?
13. The outgoing director general of the CBI, Richard Lambert, described the Government's cuts as painful but essential. Before joining the CBI which newspaper did Lambert edit?
14. The TUC was less than enthusiastic about the Government's cuts ... who is the TUC General Secretary?
15. Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has been denied a residence permit by which country?
16. What has been credited with helping poetry make a comeback in schools?
17. A product favoured by country folk is in short supply following a lorry hijack on the M62. What is it?
18. Why did seven secret servicemen burst into Nigella Lawson's kitchen?
19. Why were A-Team characters BA Baracus, the Face and Murdock in the news?
20. Who won best newcomer in the Mobo awards? And, for a bonus, what does Mobo stand for?

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