Friday, 15 October 2010

Young journalists DO read the papers after all

Good scores from The Daily Telegraph trainees in the newsquiz this week. Either the questions are getting easier or, despite Roy Greenslade's claims to the contrary, journalism trainees really are reading the papers. They certainly do on our courses. Well done to Emily Gosden for her 15.5 out of 21. Nobody got less than 12 ... which is a big step forward. 

Meanwhile Daily Mail newsquiz champions Fiona Roberts and Jennie Agg, who are off on their subbing placements to Carlisle and Stoke this weekend, sent me this photograph of them enjoying their prize. See how you do in this week's test. Anything less than 12 out of 21 and Mr Greenslade and I will be less than impressed.

1. Just before she died Claire Rayner said: "Tell David Cameron that if he ...... .. my beloved NHS I'll come back and bloody haunt him." What are the two missing words?
2. Who changed their new logo back to its original one after only one week due to negative reaction on the internet?
3.  Howard Jacobson won this year's Booker prize ... what was the title of his book?
4.  Which Euro 2012 football game was abandoned after fans disrupted the game?
5.  Name the first miner rescued in Chile.
6.  And name the last.
7. The camp where relatives and friends waited for the miners was called Camp Esperanza. What does Esperanza mean?
8. Who was the first celebrity to be kicked off the current series of Strictly Come Dancing?
9. Lloyds Bank is to lose a further 4,500 jobs as part of its restructuring programme. This brings the total jobs lost to 22,000 since its merger with which other bank?
10. The inquest into the victims of the 7/7 London bombings is being held at which court?
11. Apart from the bombers, how many people were killed in the bombings?
12. Who is Max Brick's partner and why were they in the news (need both to get one point)?
13. Who is the shadow health secretary?
14. Aid worker Linda Norgrove was working for which US based agency when she was killed?
15. Before the intervention of a Texas court, Liverpool FC looked like it was about to be sold to the owners of Boston Red Sox, NESV. What does NESV stand for?
16. Who is the editor of the Sunday Mirror?
17. What was the name of the website that Robert Tyler was ordered to hand over this week?
18. Who is the author of the report Securing a Sustainable Future for Higher Education. For a bonus point which company did he resign from as chief executive in 2008 having started as an apprentice there 42 years earlier?
19. What does Quango stand for?
20. How old was Harry Webb on Friday October 14?


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  2. I'm not sure what's happened, but I can't access the answers.

    And as one of Roy's students, I'd like to point out that by newspapers he specifically meant physical formats - I'd be surprised if too many of the trainees read the print editions either!

  3. Thanks Jamie. Answers seem to work OK. We still hold session on reading the print editions, looking at different writing styles and layout. But I agree it is becoming harder.

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