Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hardest news quiz yet?

The Mail and Telegraph trainees thought the newsquiz was difficult this week ... and it was reflected in their scores. No problem for the Telegraph's Sarah Rainey, though, who won again with 14. Jennie Agg was the top Mail trainee with 11.5. See if you can do any better.
David Miliband and his wife (see question 6)
1. What is the nickname of the cage specially built to help rescue the 33 trapped Chilean miners?
2. Who is the Defence Secretary?
3 Why was the name Gordon Bennett in the news?
4. Who is sixth in line to the throne?
5. In Round 4 of the Labour leadership election what percentage of the vote was won by Ed Miliband? You must give exact figure to nearest decimal point.
6. Name David Miliband's wife (must get both names for a point).
7. What is Ed Miliband's constituency?
8. The Ryder Cup started this week. Who is the captain of the American team?
9.  Who has fallen foul of the law and has had to take down a giant advertising banner erected at the Ryder Cup?
10. What is ITV's new Sunday night drama series called?
11. What were barrister Mark Saunders's last five words?
12.  Kelsey Martinovich was wrongly announced as the winner of Australia's Next Top Model  - who was the host of the programme?
13. David Cameron chose Dulce et Decorum Est  as his favourite poem. Who wrote it?
14. Fearne Cotton, Denise van Outen and Alexandra Burke are tackling a charity trek in aid of breast cancer in which country?
15. Prof Martyn Evans was fined £155 for getting off a train, a stop early.  Where did he get off?
16. Blackberry has unveiled its version of the iPad, what is it called?
17. Fraser Nelson writes a column for the News of the World but also edits which magazine?
18. This is a spelling question. When your pet is ill you take it to the vet. Spell the word that vet is short for.
19. How much did it cost to clean the Queen's chandeliers?
20. In which river did Segway millionaire Jimi Heselden die?

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  1. Hi Peter, just left a message on the PA training website saying that I hope you and Pam are well, and that you can account for the kids' movements the night the pier went up. Ages since we spoke, I owe you a plate of chips or something and if you come to Dublin at all, please let me know and I'll oblige. Had to reinvent myself as a ghost writer, my career in PR having turned into a somewhat whiffy curate's egg. Funny old world.

    Kieran Fagan, +35387 287 1635