Friday, 8 October 2010

Mail pair collect quiz Champagne - 16 to beat

The burnt out pier at Hastings (see Question 7)

The Daily Mail subbing trainees leave Howden today for three days in London before they head off for a few months subbing experience in the regionals. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find them placements where they still have a serious  subbing operation ... but we have just about managed. Congratulations to Jennie Agg and Fiona Roberts who were overall winners in the weekly newsquiz - and shared the bottle of Champagne. Fiona was the top Mail trainee this week with 14pts but the Telegraph's Sarah Rainey marches  on relentlessly with another top score of 16. See if you can do better. Possible 22 points this week as there are two bonus questions.

1. Which country is leading the medal table at the Commonwealth Games
2. Who is to be the first parliamentarian to face trial on charges arising from the expenses scandal.
3. Prince William carried out his first rescue since qualifying as a helicopter search pilot. In which bay?
4. David Cameron used the words "Your country needs you." Who was he quoting?
5. Which European river is threatened by a flood of toxic sludge?
6. Who is listed as the most powerful woman on the planet in the latest Forbes list? And for a bonus what number was the Queen?
7. Hasting Pier burnt down this week .. but what year did it open?
8. Name the rogue trader ordered to pay back £4 billion.
9. A politician who won libel damages from the News of the World is on trial for perjury. Name him.
10. What attraction were the four Britons who died in a plane crash in Peru hoping to see?
11. Which computer worm may have infected Iran's nuclear programme?
12. At what annual figure will a household's benefits be capped?
13. In which American city will the next Ryder Cup be played?
14. Which expensive wine was served at a dinner to mark the Tory treasurer's retirement?
15. Colourful potatoes are in the news. Which variety is Sainsbury's selling?
16. What will Britain's population be in 2027, according to official statistics? And for a bonus point, also from the National Office of Statistics, what is the average age of today's first-time UK bride?
17. What was the name of Norman Wisdom's employer in his most famous comedy films including A Square Peg and the Early Bird?
18. Who is Ann Widdecombe's partner in Strictly Come Dancing?
19. Robert Edwards was in the headlines. Why?
20. Rejected X-factor singer Gamu Nhengu is facing deportation to which country?

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