Friday, 16 September 2011

Rosie wins the Mail news quiz

The Daily Mail trainees have finished their two weeks at Derry Street and are now off to placements at the Standard, the Mail in Scotland, Liverpool Echo, Yorkshire Post and Manchester Evening News. This week they had fascinating practical sessions on investigative and foreign reporting by chief reporter David Williams and Christian Gysin, an interesting insight into the celebrity world from Katie Nicholl, a do's and don'ts talk from sub Jayme Bryla and a glimpse of what their first year is likely to hold by one of last year's trainees, Peter Campbell. There was a good night with trainees old and new in the Builders Arms last night. Today we finished again with a quiz of the week (just to get them into the habit of the reading the paper's properly). Congratulations again to Rosie Taylor who got 13.5 points out of 22, once again narrowly beating Adam Shergold, to collect the scratch card and a bottle of wine. Try your hand and see if you can beat Rosie's total. 

Mail trainees with quiz winner Rosie Taylor (with the wine)

There are a possible 22 points this week as questions 4 and 13 have two points each.

1.  Who won Celebrity Big Brother?

2.  A controversial book has claimed that Sarah Palin had an affair and used cocaine. What is the name of the book?

3.  Unison has named which date as a day of action?

4.  The new Westfield shopping complex has been given its own postcode, what is it? And for a bonus where has the code been previously used?

5.  Who has been named as the new captain in England's Twenty20 games?

6.  Sophie Dahl launched an appeal to raise money to renovate her Grandfather's shed where he wrote many of his famous novels.  How old would he have been this week?

7.  David Tebbutt was murdered on holiday in a paradise location on Kenya.  He was a finance director for which company?

8.  Who did Bernard Hogan-Howe replace this week as Metropolitan Police Commissioner?

9. Where is the Greenacres travellers site that police believe men were held as slaves?

10.  According to official figures what is the current number of unemployed in the UK?

11. According to research by Roehampton University what should you do if you want to be happier, healthier and slimmer?

12. Why was Katherine Goldberg in the headlines?

13. Two Tory peers were released from prison this week after serving only a quarter of their sentences for expenses fraud. Name them. (One point for each).

14. Journalist Adam Macqueen has a book published this month celebrating 50 years of which publication?

15. What is the name of the Swansea Valley colliery where four miners are trapped?

16. Kweku Adoboli is accused of losing £1.3bn while rogue trading. Which Swiss bank was he working for?

17. Helle Thorning-Schmidt became Denmark's first female MP. Who is her father-in-law?

18. The film version of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy opened in UK cinemas this week. Who plays the role of spy George Smiley?

19. Political leadership in Washington and Western Europe has suffered "paralysis" in the face of the financial crisis,  Kenneth Clarke said this week. What is Clarke's Cabinet position?

20. Now that the News of the World has gone, which is Britain's biggest selling Sunday newspaper?

How did you do? The answers are here

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  1. Surely subs give talks about dos and don'ts, rather than do's and don'ts?