Thursday, 20 October 2011

Final newsquiz - Lottie's amazing 18.5 to beat

The Mail and Telegraph trainees left Howden this week and now embark on their regional placements. Good luck to them all. They are among the liveliest bunch of young journalists you are likely to meet. Congratulations to the Mail's Lottie Young and the Telegraph's Jess Winch who won the overall newsquiz for each paper. Jess won this week's Telegraph quiz with 12 points out of 22 to finish with 80.5 points over seven weeks, 7.5 ahead of second place Tom Rowley. Lottie scored an astonishing 18.5 out of 22 to win the Mail quiz and finish with 72.5 points over five weeks, 12 ahead of second place Kirsty McEwen. The top averages were Lottie with 14.5, Kirsty with 12.1, Jess with 11.5 and Raj Rai with 11.2.
Quiz queens: Jess and Lottie with their prizes
Jess and Lottie collected a scratchcard and a bottle of toffee vodka for their efforts. That's it for the newsquiz for another year (although I might drop in the occasional one just to keep you on your toes). Try your hand at this week's. You have Lottie's amazing 18.5 to beat.

1. Who was under fire for detaining five children a day?
2. Why was Alan Billis in the headlines?
3. Who is wrestler Stacy Keibler's lover?
4. The Hillsborough disaster has been back in the news. It was a tragedy for Liverpool and Sheffield but what was the third city involved?
5. Round the world sailor Stefan Ramin was allegedly eaten by a cannibal on which remote Pacific island?
6. Dan Wheldon died during which motor race? Full name please, four words.
7. Which children's YouTube channel was hit by hackers?
8. What position does Justine Greening hold in the Cabinet?
9. What will Blackberry users get as compensation for the loss of service last week?
10. Which letter went 'missing' during the World Scrabble Championship?
11. Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was released after being held for five years by Hamas. What was his rank?
12. Former Commons researcher Katia Zatuliveter is facing deportation after being accused of spying. She was an aide for which Liberal Democrat MP? 
13. Wootton Bassett has been given the Royal prefix. How many servicemen/women has the town paid its respects to in the last four years?
14. Betty Driver passed away last weekend. She was well known for her part as Betty Williams (Turpin) in Coronation Street but which character did she originally audition for?
15. Fauja Singh started running marathons 11 years ago, at what age?
16. The Governor of the Bank of England said this week that time is running out to solve the world economy crisis. Who is the Governor of the Bank of England?
17. Who left Brown for Oxford?
18. Who received an apology from the BBC for "being written out of history"?
19. Robbie Savage and Orla Jordan performed the tango at half-time during which football match?
20. Which author won the 2011 Booker Prize this week? And, for a bonus point, name the book.
21.  The Daily Mail this week had to pay out undisclosed libel damages to which Lady?
How did you do? The answers are here.
Telegraph trainees Jess Winch, Jenny O'Mahony, Ben Bryant,
Lucy Kindle, Tom Rowley, Thomas Pascoe and Alice Philipson
Mail trainee subs Lyle Brennan, Libby Galvin, PA Finance Director Steven Brown,
Alys Denby, Tom Clarke, Raj Rai, Talal Musa, Kirsty McEwen,
my refined pate, trainer Mike Watson and Lottie Young

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