Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cotswold Life: The dogging issue

Here is a nice wholesome cover for next month's Cotswold Life magazine. As always it's a professional job by a team that understands its readers. True to form the front is all Pam Ayres, TV vets, Masterchef winners and Bath shopping. This one's a bit special though - it's a Pets edition. The photo is a belter. And inevitably there are some teasing coverlines - the Chihuahua that came down the chimney, how to understand what's in your dog's head, why working dogs are an essential part of the Cotswolds and ... wait for it ... Clare Mackintosh gets dressed for dogging. Really? I suggested to editor Mike Lowe that he 'sneaked that one in' and he replied 'I don't know what you mean'. All of which goes to prove that you can take the boy out of newspapers but ...

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