Sunday, 13 October 2013

Whacky headlines and bills of the week

With all the dog-eat-stuff dominating the media this week here are some more obscure headlines you might have missed.

This one, from the Irish Independent, has a bit of everything. The use of the word 'innocent' makes it special. After all, had the cow been guilty, the story just wouldn't be the same.

It is a clear winner of the whacky headline of the week, although this one from the Mirror is certainly a contender.

Meanwhile the Worksop Guardian makes another contribution to the growing list of headlines based on song titles. There are more of these here, here and here.

There were a couple of good bills doing the rounds this week too. This one from the News & Star in certainly Carlisle caught the eye. All is explained here.

And finally, let's finish with some good news from the Kent Messenger. 

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