Friday, 11 October 2013

Tom wins Champagne in final news quiz

Saying farewell to Howden. Mail trainees (left to right): Steph Linning, Rachael Day, Tom Leece, Samantha Sharman, Jenny Ryan (speaker), Lizzie Palmer, Lottie Young (speaker), Matt Lambert, Holly Stevenson and Emma Craig
The Daily Mail subbing trainees finish their four-week training stint at the Manor in Howden today and are heading off to their placements. They are going to Mail Plus, the Scottish Daily Mail, the Evening Standard, the Manchester Evening News, the Hull Daily Mail and the Western Morning News. We had an intensive final week with visits by Sue Ryan, Mike Watson, Andy Gregory from Mail Plus and senior subs Jenny Ryan and Lottie Young. It was great to see Lottie, who was a trainee on the course only two years ago, back in Howden in a senior capacity. 
Daily Telegraph trainees (from left) Mehreen Khan, Raz Akkoc, Darshan Sanghrajka (trainer), Laurence Dodds, Camilla Turner, Oliver Duggan and Greg Walton
The Daily Telegraph trainees had sessions with Paul BradshawDarshan Sanghrajka and me. They have gone to Newcastle Crown Court today, so we did the news quiz slightly early. The overall winner this week was the Mail's Holly Stevenson with 18 followed closely by Steph Linning with 17. The overall course winner for the Mail, though, was Tom Leece with an average score of just over 15 for the four weeks. 

Tom celebrates with the Champagne

Tom was presented with a bottle of vintage Champagne. The highest scoring Telegraph trainee this week was Oliver Duggan with 13. See if you can beat Holly's impressive score. There are 22 questions, with three bonus questions, so a possible score of 25.

1. All 120,000 Glastonbury festival tickets were sold out in 87 minutes. How much did each ticket cost?
2. How much in expenses did former defence secretary Liam Fox claim for driving 0.6 miles in his constituency?
3. In the Cabinet reshuffle Don Foster became the new Liberal Democrat Chief Whip. Who did he replace? Bonus Fiona-Natasha Syms tweeted about the sacking of her ex-husband as chief whip. She wrote: "He was utterly gracious and took it like a man, I am ______ _______." What are the missing two words?
4. Why was Janet Yellen in the headlines?
5. According to the Environment Secretary, the reason that the badger cull was behind schedule was that the badgers had 'moved the goalposts'. Who is the Environment Secretary?
6. According to Business Secretary Vince Cable, by the midnight deadline on Tuesday, how many individual applications had there been for Royal Mail shares?
7. The rape of Anna Bates in Downton Abbey caused the Countess of Carnarvon to say she would like to watch 'nice things' on television. The Countess owns the castle where Downton is set. What is it called?
Bonus name the actor who played the valet who perpetrated the rape?
8. Students at which university where entertained in their accommodation by rapper Coolio who cooked peach crumble and sang Gangsta Rap for them.
9. On what date will the Christening of Prince George be held?
Bonus the Royal Mint is striking nine coins to celebrate the Christening. The most expensive, the gold Kilo coin, will set you back £50,000. But what is the cost of the cheapest?
10. Newcastle-born Peter Higgs and Francois Englert from Belgium shared the Nobel prize for what?
11. Harry Redknapp's autobiography Always Managing was ghost written by which journalist?
12. The production of which car will end in 2015 as it has fallen foul of European laws on fuel emissions?
13. Instead of promising 'to do my duty to God', the Scouts will in future be able to choose to uphold what?
14. The cost of producing what rose by 33 per cent in the past year?
15. Author Victoria Hislop expressed anger over which label?
16. There have been many backgrounders on Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger written this week, including information about his musical ability. Which two instruments does he play? Half point for each.
17. At which airport did Easyjet leave 29 passengers at the boarding gate?
18. What is the name of the think-tank that persuaded EDL leader Tommy Robinson to quit his post?
19. The IMF has forecast that Britain's economy will increase at what rate this year?
20. Great grandfather John Wildey, who has no pilot's experience, landed a plane at which airport?
21. Paul McCartney was in the news for sacking his staff on the Mull of Kintyre and for releasing his 16th solo album, which is titled New. How old is Paul McCartney?
22. According to researchers writing in Chemistry World, who examined 57 drinks, which drink is the most effective hangover cure?

Answers here.

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