Friday, 4 October 2013

This week's news quiz: Tom's 15.5 to beat

Daily Mail subbing trainees with editor Neil Hodgkinson on their trip to the Hull Daily Mail yesterday. Left to right: Samantha Sharman, Rachael Day, Matt Lambert, Steph Linning, Emma Craig, Tom Leece. Holly Stevenson and 
Lizzie Palmer
The Daily Mail trainee subs have finished their third week at PA's Howden HQ. Just one more to go. They spent the week with trainers Mike Watson and Tony Johnston, had a session with Martin Stephens of Press Association Photos and a day with Tim Ross from the Mail's legal team. Yesterday they visited the Hull Daily Mail offices to see the workings of a regional newspaper production department first hand. The Daily Telegraph trainees are in their fourth week and have another three to go. They had a week looking at legal issues with David Banks and video and online with Mark Batey and Chris Gregory. This afternoon, as usual, both groups got together for the news quiz.
This week's overall winner was Tom Leece from the Mail with 15.5. The Telegraph's top scorer was Mehreen Khan with 13.5. They thought it was slightly harder than last week. See if you agree.
There are 20 questions with three bonuses, so a possible 23 points.   

1. The author Tom Clancy died this week. His first novel was described by Ronald Reagan as 'the perfect yarn'. What was it called?
2. Who wrote the original Daily Mail article about Ralph Miliband, headlined The Man who hated Britain, which led to Ed Miliband's demand for a right of reply?  
Bonus, in which country was Ralph Miliband born?
3. Racing presenter John McCririck is claiming he was axed by Channel 4 because of his age. How old is he?
4. Boris Johnson told the Tory party conference it was time to cut the 'yellow Lib Dem ______ from around our necks.' What is the missing word? 
First bonus, the phrase 'finish the job' or 'finishing the job' was used how many times in David Cameron's conference speech? 
Second bonus, on the final day of the conference Samantha Cameron wore a sleeveless blue teal pencil dress from Asos. According to both the Mail and the Telegraph how much did it cost?
5. Yahya Jammeh is president of which country?
6. A Lottery ticket goes up from £1 to £2 tomorrow. What is the new prize money for matching three balls?
7. A survey by travel website Skyscanner revealed that 90 per cent of airline passengers believe what should be banned on short haul flights?
8. Helen Fielding has revealed that, in her third Bridget Jones book, Mark Darcy has been killed off and Bridget is a 51-year-old widow. What is the book called?
9. Which Olympic Gold medal winner intends to a stand as a Tory MEP candidate?
10. What is to be introduced to Canterbury Cathedral for the first time in more than 900 years. 
11. John Boehner was in the headlines this week? Who is he?
12. Hundreds of African migrants drowned after a boat capsized near a tiny island near Sicily. What is the island called?
13. Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock was escorted from his seat after over-celebrating at a football match at which ground?
14. Which company's pre-tax profits fell by 24 per cent to £1.39 billion?
15. Amanda Hutton was convicted of the manslaughter of her son by starving him to death. At which court?
16. Mia Farrow hit the headlines with the suggestion that her son Ronan was fathered by Frank Sinatra. Mia Farrow has been married twice, once to Sinatra, but who was her other husband?
17. Which illegal online drug website has been closed down by the FBI?
18. Plans have been revealed to rebuild Crystal Palace. The original building was destroyed in a fire in which year? 
19. Who has landed a new job with Paddle 8 Auction House?
20. Why was Christopher Seale in trouble?

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