Friday, 18 October 2013

This week's news quiz. Mehreen's 16 to beat

Eyes down for the quiz ... the Telegraph trainees in Liverpool today

The Daily Telegraph trainees have had a particularly busy week. Apart from a couple of days with me in Howden they have had sessions with Paul Francis on Freedom of Information and Martin Stephens on visual journalism. They took a law exam yesterday and today they visited the offices of the Liverpool Post and Echo with Tony Johnston, head of PA Training. As always we finished the week with the news quiz, just to ensure that they continue to forensically read the papers. This week's winner is Mehreen Khan with 16 out of 24. This means, over the six weeks of the course, Mehreen is 12 points ahead of second placed Raz Akkoc. It's the final quiz next week so Mehreen is clear favourite to pick up the end of course prize. See if you can do better than 16. There are 20 questions, with four bonus points, so a possible 24. 
China George (Q5) Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
1. The Scotland Yard inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is called Operation ___________. What is the missing word? 
2. Prime Minister David Cameron suggested customers should switch suppliers after British Gas announced it was putting up prices. The company is putting its gas up by 8.4 pc on November 23 and raising its electricity rates by what percentage? 
Bonus, the Energy Sectetary said there were a range of suppliers offering better deals than British Gas. Who is the Energy Secretary? 
3. 1970s' characters the Clangers, created by Oliver Postgate, are to return to television screens in a new series. What colour planet do the Clangers live on?
4. What was Plymouth lollipopman Bob Slade doing with children that led to him quitting his job.
5. In his trade visit to Beijing Chancellor George Osborne claimed, wrongly, that 160 million Chinese people are regularly watching what?
6. Roy Hodgson steered England to the World Cup finals in Brazil and then found himself in a row over a joke about a monkey … and a what? 
Bonus, England's qualification means that four former World Cup winning countries from Europe have booked a place in Brazil. Who are the only former World Champions from Europe that are not yet there? 
7. A street stall in New York was offering spray art for sale at $60 a piece. The pictures were actually by steet artist Banksy and were worth thousands. How many paying customers did the stall have?
8. Why was Angela Ahrendts in the headlines?
9. Eleanor Catton became the youngest winner of the Man Booker prize with her novel The Luminaries. How old is she?
Bonus, prior to Catton's success who was the youngest Booker prizewinner?
10. Pensioners with more than how much money in savings should be regarded as 'quite wealthy' according to care minister Norman Lamb?
11. Sir Anthony Hopkins described whose performances as 'the best acting I have seen - ever'?
12. British newspapers are not the only ones having a tough time from their Government. President Cristina Kirchner has been accused by editors of introducing a draconian law to control the media. In which country?
Bonus, The International Herald Tribune changed its name this week. To what?
13. In a her memoirs, graphic artist Chrisann Brennan says her former lover believed he was a Second World War fighter pilot in a previous life. Who was she writing about?
14. The Independent Police Complaints Commission accused which police force of a cover-up in the so-called Plebgate dispute involving former chief whip Andrew Mitchell? 
15. Nice has told doctors not to always blame patients if they are obese. What is the full name of Nice.
16. Why was Wimbledon champion Andy Murray almost late to Buckingham Place to receive his OBE?
17. Oxford scientist Professor Brian Sykes claims to have uncovered evidence that what exists?
18. An inquest into the deaths of six British soldiers, killed by a roadside bomb in Afhanistan, is being held at the Coroner's Court in which city?
19. Labour's new shadow women's minister has found herself irritated by a story about a topless photo shoot she did when she was a teenager. Who is she?
20. The sales of what have doubled in the last 12 months to 550,000?

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