Friday, 29 May 2015

Here's this week's newsquiz - 25pts up for grabs

The top individual scorer in last week's quiz was Sophie Jamieson with 15.5, narrowly defeating Alex Murphy on 15. Multiple winner from previous quizzes, Lydia Willgress, weighed in with 14. The top team scores went to the Batstone Collective with 16, the same score as Alan MacDermid and Janet Boyle. My pub pals in the Plough, led by Nicky Castell, clocked up 13. Here's this week's quiz ... as usual 25 points up for grabs. Let me know how you get on.

Fifa dominates the front pages (Q1)

1. The US Attorney General said Fifa officials had allegedly run a 'rampant, systemic and deep-rooted' scheme to 'acquire millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks'. Who is the US Attorney General?
Bonus: Who surrendered to police in Trinidad after an arrest warrant was issued at the request of US authorities?
Bonus: Which company issued a statement saying that should FIFA fail to make changes, 'we have informed them that we will reassess our sponsorship.’?
2. In the Queen’s Speech it was announced that there would be an 'in-out' referendum on membership of the European Union before the end of which year?
Bonus: Legislation will also be introduced to ensure the maximum a household can receive in benefits a year will be how much?
Bonus: Scottish National MPs were warned to 'show some respect' after continuously breaking Parliamentary protocol. What did they do?
3. Why was Jeffrey Spector in the headlines?
4. Jed Allen is believed to have killed three members of his family at their home in which town?
5. Who ran on to the Wembley pitch and punched the air while wearing high heels, a black trouser suit and pearl earrings?
6. What has Pope Francis not done since 1990 after making a promise to the Virgin Mary?
7. Members of the UCG brought parts of London to a standstill on Monday. What does UCG stand for?
8. How did the Beckham family spend Bank Holiday Monday afternoon?
9. Annegret Raunigk, 65, became the oldest woman to do what?
10. The three Queens - Mary, Victoria and Elizabeth - put on a spectacular show on which river?
11. Scientists from Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute published research showing that people living near a motorway or under a flight path are 25 per cent more likely to be what?
12. Who became the youngest person ever to be included on Forbes most powerful women list? Bonus: Who was Number 1 on the list for the fifth year running?
13. International Airlines Group, the parent company of British Airways, is planning a £990m takeover of which company?
14. Australian Trevor Bayliss has been named as the new what?
15. The BBC announced it was pulling the plug on which show after 18 years and 28 series?
16. How did Danish DJ Asger Juhl cause a stir live on radio?
17. Prince William told Gary Lineker of his plans to do something but said he would have to 'pass it by the missus'. What is the prince planning?
18. What has killed almost 1,000 people in the Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in the last fortnight?
19. Respect party leader George Galloway announced on Twitter that he is to seek election for what position?
20. A joint study by Radio 2 and Oxford University has declared what as the word of the year for children?

Answers here

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