Monday, 4 May 2015

Streets better ... but Gazette still needs work

The new-look Gazette
My little dig at the Weatherfield Gazette’s front page last month has clearly struck a chord with the editor. The paper has undergone a bit of a makeover. Out has gone the spindly and badly-tracked Arial Bold and in has come the chunky Arial Black caps, which have been barely tampered with at all. There are no spelling mistakes in the splash headline either, which is always a bonus. The changes were spotted by my eagle-eyed colleague Alan Geere while getting his Bank Holiday Coronation Street fix tonight. He rightly pointed out, though, that the paper shouldn’t really be using an ampersand and the question mark is probably necessary. The headline font isn’t up to much either but let’s not be churlish. This is definitely progress. It looks like a cracking tale too - I bet the copies were flying off the shelves at the Kabin (especially as the Gazette doesn’t appear to give its stories away online). By the next episode they will hopefully have addressed the ugly and unreadable blurb across the top ...

The old version

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