Thursday, 7 May 2015

My look at today's election front pages

So here we are. After all the squabbling, the nastiness, the madness, the TV debates, the propaganda and the fluctuating polls … the day has finally arrived. And our newspapers have one last attempt to persuade you to vote. There are no real surprises.  

In the red corner there is the Daily Mirror and it sister paper in Scotland, the Daily RecordThe Mirror, of course, has a proud tradition of supporting Labour and of strong election day pages. It doesn't disappoint today. The Record leads with Come on England for probably the first and last time in its history.

Also in the reddish corner is The Guardian but its front page plays a straight bat today. It gives prominence to its own poll showing the Tories and Labour neck and neck with 35 percent each. The face off between Miliband and Cameron is nice ... note Ed is on the left, Dave on the right.

In the blue corner is The Sun. Long gone are the days when Rupert Murdoch gave his blessing to Tony Blair's Labour. It is a good old innuendo front page - although the balls aren't quite as balanced when you look at the seats. Initially it looks like a neutral front page but the message to readers across the bottom is unequivocal.

Also in the blue corner is The Daily Telegraph urging its readers not to do something they will regret. The words actually belong to David Cameron but the message is clear. It uses a picture of a casual Sam and Dave in matching Tory blue suits. Should we be voting for a male Prime Minister who doesn't wear a tie? Perhaps we should organise a poll.

The Daily Mail, which uses the same picture as The Telegraph, is the only paper to not to splash on the election. That said, it's message is as strident as it can be.

In the purple corner is the Daily Express. Owner Richard Desmond has thrown his weight behind UKIP with a £1million donation and there is no way his title is backing down at the final hurdle. The Express features Nigel Farage as its main picture.

The Times, traditionally in the blue corner has moved to a more neutral front page putting the Queen in the centre stage and exploring what will happen if it's too close to call. If that picture really was taken yesterday morning, it is quite brilliant.

In the yellow corner is The National which apparently wants to turn all of Scotland Liberal Democrat. Must be big Danny Alexander fans. Surely some mistake. The SNP of course also sports yellow (and black) as its colour and that's where the paper's heart really lies. One of the most creative pages of the day. 
In the neutral corner, Metro shows a nice touch with its X factor front and advice not to go to bed.

The i and The Independent play it as straight as they possibly can, simply urging readers to vote. 

Meanwhile, here's the Daily Star showing all the main leaders having a swig. Farage of course is the lead party animal...

And finally here's Matt, bringing a touch of reality and his usual brilliance to the party.

So there you have it. The papers being partisan, which is their absolute right, and enjoying a final flurry. There is barely a mention of Nick Clegg who, this time five years ago, was the main man. Anyway, don't forget to vote. I am in Dundee today and tomorrow morning I will be in Dublin. Tonight, though, I will be in Sussex in time to put my X in the box. Stick that up your rocket, Russell Brand.

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