Friday, 1 May 2015

Test your knowledge with this week's newsquiz

Last week's quiz was apparently a tough one. Congratulations to Chris Lennon who scored a personal best and got the top submitted score with 16. Alex Murphy recorded 13 while the Batstone Collective (Adam and Lucy) only clocked up 14 as Lucy was distracted by the London Marathon. Here's this week's quiz. As usual there are 20 questions, with five bonuses. So 25 points are up for grabs. Let me know how you get on.

Sonit Awal is rescued from the rubble in Nepal and (below) back in his mother's arms (see Q10)

1. On the BBC Question Time leaders’ special David Cameron said he was sticking with a target of below what figure for net immigration?
Bonus: Audience member Catherine Shuttleworth told Ed Miliband: '
If he worked in the corporate world he would have been fired and he wouldn't have been allowed back to that job.' To whom was she referring?
Bonus: In which city was the programme held?
2. Andrew Chan wore a Penrith Panthers rugby league jersey for what event?
3. What, according to Jeff Mostyn, is 'the greatest fairy tale since Hans Christian Andersen wrote his last one.’?

4. A former Portuguese police chief was ordered to pay the parents of Madeleine McCann how many euros in libel damages after accusing them of faking their daughter’s abduction?
5. Why was Poppy Smart in the headlines?
6. Which company is the new sponsor of the FA Cup?
7. Labour’s Andy Burnham admitted that what legislation, introduced by the Labour Government in 2008, was a mistake?
8. Why was Toya Graham dubbed ‘mum of the year’ by Twitter?
9. David Cameron vowed to introduce a law guaranteeing no rise in income tax rates, VAT or national insurance for how many years if the Tories win the election?
Bonus: Ed Miliband appeared in a video saying 'I'm not sure I'd look so good with a pint on my head’ Who was he talking to?
10. The Nepal earthquake had a Moment Magnitude Scale measuring what?
Bonus: How old is Sonit Awal who was pulled to safety after being buried under a collapsed building for 22 hours?
Bonus: The first British flight back from Nepal, which brought 120 Britons home to Stansted was chartered by the DFID. What do the initials DFID stand for?
11. What did cartoonist Renald ‘Luz’ Luzier say no longer interested him?
12. Who is to replace Nick Hewer on the BBC’s Apprentice?
13. Who was described in a Daily Telegraph obituary as 'a falsetto-voiced incontinent green waterfowl’?
14. All four semi-finalists in the World Snooker Championship are from which country?
15. The trial of James Holmes began this week. What was his crime?
16. Nigel Farage reported the BBC to Kent Police after being mocked on which television programme?
17. Name the two boxers who will be fighting in the $300 million Fight of the Century in Las Vegas this weekend. Half point for each.
18. Which company says it will file a criminal complaint over allegations that German intelligence helped the US carry out industrial espionage?
19. Nasa space probe Messenger crashed into which planet?
20. Apple said some of the functions on its new watch may not work properly when it is worn over what?

Answers here

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