Friday, 22 May 2015

Try your hand at this week's newsquiz

The top individual scorers in last week's newsquiz were James Restall and Alexander Smith both with 15. Alex Murphy scored 14, Chris Lennon 13, and Blaise Tapp 12.5. The best team effort was 17 - scored by Neil Benson's family and by Janet Boyle and husband Alan MacDermid. The Batstone Collective (Adam and Lucy) were stuck on 13, same as last week. Here's this week's quiz - the usual 20 questions with five bonuses - a total of 25 points up for grabs. Let me know how you get on. 

The Mail reports on a killer on the wards (Q16)
1. Who said he could not be confident of enough support from fellow MPs to launch a bid for the Labour leadership?
Bonus: Candidates must get support from how many Labour MPs to be able to launch a leadership bid?

2. Prince Charles shook hands with Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams at the National University of Ireland, in which city?
Bonus: Prince Charles visited the village of Mullaghmore where his great-uncle Earl Mountbatten was murdered. What year was Mountbatten killed?
3. The Eurovision Song Contest is being held in which city?
Bonus: What is the name of UK entry that will be sung by Electro Velvet?
4. Why was the Ashers Baking Company ordered to pay £500 in damages? 
5. Britain's biggest earthquake for seven years shook Kent this morning (Friday). According to the British Geological Survey what was its magnitude?
6. Barclays Bank was fined how much for colluding to manipulate foreign exchange markets?
7. Six snipers, 20 squad vehicles and dozens of police officers gave chase in an incident on Tyneside which led to the death of who?
8. Why were Brian Reeder, 76, and his 50-year-old son Paul in the headlines?
9. Islamic State militants in Syria have entered a Unesco World Heritage site and there are fears they will begin destroying the ancient ruins. What is the site called?
Bonus: IS released a propaganda video showing a young man tied to a post in Syrian province Deir Ezzorin and being executed with what weapon? 
10. Which company agreed to demolish a bungalow and turn it into a playground?
11. What linked actress Sadie Frost, ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne, BBC executive Alan Yentob and flight attendant Lauren Alcorn?
12. Twerking, emoji, bezzy, lolz, shizzle and ridic were among 6,500 words added to what?
13. What rose by 50 percent last year to a figure of 318,000 - its highest for a decade?
14. Who said: 'When you learn how the world works, you can start to work out what to do. In the meantime I'm getting really good at tennis. My forehand has improved immeasurably.’?
15. Football agent Aidy Ward said his client would not be staying even if he was offered ‘£700, £800 or £900,000 a week.’ Who was he talking about?
Bonus: Which two teams meet at Wembley on Monday to compete for the final place in the Premier League? Half point for each.
16. Victorino Chua killed two patients and poisoned 20 others by injecting deadly levels of insulin into saline bags while working in Stepping Hill Hospital in which town?
17. Which company announced plans to cut up to 1,600 jobs across 12 sites by September next year?
18. Ireland is the first country to use a national referendum to decide what?
19. Film producer Valeria Richter claimed she was turned away from the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival for what reason? 
20. According to NHS data, men who drink one or two mugs of coffee a day are less likely to suffer from what?

Answers here

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