Friday, 31 October 2014

Final news quiz: Olivia wins the Champagne

The trainees at the Telegraph: James Rothwell, Rozina Sabur, Sophie Jamieson, Olivia Rudgard, Ellie Steafel and Izzy Fraser
The Daily Telegraph trainees said goobye to Howden this week after more than seven weeks training with the Press Association. They spent the first part of their last week preparing a presentation which they delivered to Telegraph executives in London yesterday. It was an opportunity to show off their digital and innovative skills … and was very impressive. 

The trainees present their project to Telegraph executives
On Monday they begin their placements. Some are off to regional newspapers, others to PA. They are destined for great things and I wish them well. They finished with farewell drinks in the Brass Monkey in Victoria last night - but only after the final newsquiz. Going into the final week, the scores were very tight, with Sophie Jamieson and James Rothwell on equal points and Olivia Rudgard only half a point behind. In the tightest of finishes Olivia scored 14 and Sophie 13, meaning Olivia collected the Champagne by half a point. Well done Olivia … but hard luck Sophie. Never have we had such a tight finish. 
To be fair the trainees were preoccupied with their projects so probably weren’t monitoring the news as closely as usual. Still, 14 out of 25 isn’t a bad score. See if you can do any better.

The trainees at the PA offices after Olivia, second from left, pipped Sophie, second from right to the Champagne

1. British troops withdrew from Afghanistan after 13 years this week as the last British base was handed over to local control. Name the base.
Bonus: How many British soldiers lost their lives in those 13 years?
Bonus: By November 11, 888,246 ceramic poppies will have been laid at the Tower of London. Each poppy has been sold online to raise money for the armed forces charities. How much did it cost to buy a ceramic poppy?
2. A jogger ran into David Cameron in which city?
3. Former Labour grandee Lord Falconer lost five stone by cutting out coffee and tea and eating only apples during the day … but he says he also became addicted to what?
4. It is being speculated that which Downton Abbey character may be killed off after being described as ‘terribly listless’ in Sunday’s episode?
5. Why was Stuart Calder in the headlines?
6. Who said: “I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.”
7. Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg has been dropped from this weekend’s game after breaking protocol on Saturday. Give one of the two rules that he broke.
Bonus: Clattenburg went to an Ed Sheeran concert after Saturday’s game … in which city?
8. Name the unmanned US rocket which exploded on take off.
9. Robbie Williams sang songs and posted videos to his YouTube page while his wife Ayda gave birth to a boy. What is the baby called?
Bonus: According to a BBC local radio poll listening to music makes people with problems feel perkier. Which song was the most popular?
10. Which supermarket chain has apologised to a 89-year-old poppy seller for making him stand outside and telling him to wrap up warmer if he was cold.
11. Who described the Conservative Party’s attitude towards drugs as a “totally misplaced, outdated, backwards-looking view”?
12. Two RAF Typhoons caused a sonic boom as they rushed to Stansted airport to escort a foreign aircraft that was “causing concern”. In which country was the plane registered?
13. What British produce will be available in supermarkets in December for the first time ever?
Bonus: Supermarkets reported that, because of rain in the North and an increase in demand, there was a seasonal scarcity of what?
14. Which tourist attraction introduced a new LED lighting system and is considering capping visitors to 20,000 a day?
15. According to research by Australian academic Dianna Kenny, people from which job have a life expectancy 20-25 years lower than average?
16. Who is ending a five decades' association with Labour over its position on Palestine?
17. According to the Office for National Statistics, which disease is now the biggest cause of death among British women?
18. How much has Barclays Bank set aside to cover an expected fine for rigging foreign exchange rates?
19. Who sent their first ever tweet while visiting the Information Age Exhibition at the Science Museum?
20. What will Cadbury’s no longer make?

Answers here

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