Thursday, 23 October 2014

Final quiz for MailOnline: Lydia's 14 to beat

The MailOnline trainees outside the Manor in Howden. From left: Me, Anneta Konstantinides, Lydia Willgress with the Champagne, trainer Mike Watson, Myriah Towner, Evan Bleier, Kelly McLaughlin and Christopher Brennan.
Picture by Martin Stephens.
I am saying goodbye to the MailOnline trainees who finish their eight-week training in Howden tomorrow and head off to their regional placements this weekend. Five of the six trainees are Americans who, after their time in Howden, the regionals and MailOnline in London, will head back to New York. They spent their last week in Yorkshire wrapping up with Sue Ryan, Mike Watson and me and pitching stories to MailOnline, some of which were published. The Telegraph trainees have another week to go. They were visited by the Telegraph's head of legal Adam Cannon and head of editorial compliance Jess McAree. There were also sessions by political journalist Paul Francis, multi-media specialist Andy Drinkwater, MD of PA images Martin Stephens and they took a media law exam. Tomorrow they are visiting the Liverpool Echo offices so we finished with the newsquiz this evening. Lydia Willgress maintained her amazing run by winning with 14 out of 25. She has averaged more than 17.5 out of 25 each week - a remarkable performance. Lydia collected the Champagne. Christopher Brennan was a creditable second among the Mail trainees.
Top Telegraph trainee this week was Izzy Frazer. It is either getting harder or the trainees have been distracted by exams and story-getting ... as the top scores were lower than usual. So see if you can beat Lydia's 14 out of 25. Should be easy.      

Ben Bradlee - see Question 12

1. Why was Kevin Vickers in the headlines?
2. Britain's cheapest ever mortgage deal was announced at the weekend. What is the rate?
Bonus: Which lender is offering it? 
3. Bono has announced that he is suffering from which condition?
4. Harry Roberts is due to be freed from prison. What was his crime?
5. What are Network Rail considering installing at stations to prevent suicides? 
6. A family found one of the world's deadliest spiders in their home delivery shopping. Which supermarket made the delivery? 
Bonus: What kind of spider was it? 
7. The producers of The Simpsons are being sued for $250 million by actor Frank Sivero. He claims the Mafia character Louie is based on one he developed for which film? 
8. Why was Christophe de Margerie in the news? 

9. Bernard Jewry aka Shane Fenton died following a short illness. What was his more famous stage name?
10. The Duchess of Cambridge was photographed wearing a Jenny Packham pale blue dress at the Natural History Museum this week but what was the event?
11. Name the head of the official inquiry into historic child abuse who is under fire for having links with Lord Brittan?
12. Ben Bradlee, who edited the Washington Post during the Watergate scandal which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, died this week. What year did Nixon resign?
Bonus: Name either of the two reporters who broke the Watergate story for the Post.
13. How much will doctors be paid for each case of dementia they diagnose? 
14. Who, according to a 'virtual autopsy’ had girly hips, a club foot, buck teeth and parents who were brother and sister?
15. Wembley Stadium is sold out for a major sporting event on Sunday. Name either of the teams playing
16. Lynda Bellingham died of colon cancer this week. How old was she?
Bonus: Who announced he was cured of cancer after having a 6.5lb tumour removed from his pancreas. 
17. Who announced plans to cut 9,000 jobs over the next three years as it replaces staff with digital technology?
18. What did newly-weds Andy and Suzanne Kimmerling do on their honeymoon?
19. Who is the founder of the MOBO awards which were held this week?
Bonus: Sam Smith collected how many awards at the ceremony? 
20. What did Oscar Pistorius hand to his uncle for safekeeping as he was led away to begin his five-year sentence?

Answers here

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