Friday, 10 October 2014

The Mail subs' final news quiz

The Mail and Telegraph, with Mike Watson, trainees at the Manor
The Daily Mail trainee subs finished their formal training in Howden this week and are off to their placements. Beth Richardson is off to the Eastern Daily Press, Michael Owens is going to the Western Mail, Harry Slavin is headed to the Hull Daily Mail and Catherine Hardy and James Restall are going to the Daily Mail in Scotland. Good luck to them. There is no doubt they will do well. They, and the MailOnline trainees, had a week with me and Mike Watson interspersed with excellent sessions by Mail executives Jenny Ryan, Lara King and Alex Kay.

Daily Mail subbing trainees James Restall, Harry Slavin, me, Michael Owens, Beth Richardson and Catherine Hardy

The Daily Telegraph trainees enjoyed production training with Chris Gregory, a day with Mike Watson and today went to Newcastle Crown Court with Gary Willey. As it was the subs last night everyone got together for a farewell drink at the White Horse. 
Before that, though, we did the quiz. Congratulations to MailOnline’s Lydia Willgress who was top this week with 19.5 points out of 25. 
Top sub was Catherine Hardy with an impressive 17.5 but it wasn’t quite enough to catch Michael Owens who was top of the four weeks … and collected the Champagne. Top Telegraph trainees were James Rothwell and Rozina Sabur with 15.5.
See if you can do any better. There are 20 questions and five bonuses making a possible total of 25 points.

The original Dad's Army cast (see Question 19)
Picture courtesy of the Press Association

1. Shrien Dewani is in court in Cape Town charged with the murder of his wife Anni. In which city were the couple married?
Bonus: The court heard that Dewani searched which gay dating website the day after his wife died?
Bonus: What was his log-in name?
2. Where does Great British Bake Off winner Nancy Birtwhistle come from?
3. Former Man Utd captain Roy Keane has been making back page headlines with revelations from his autobiography. What is the book called?
Bonus: Which author co-wrote the book with Keane?
4. Why was John O’Keefe in the headlines this week?
5. Name the dog belonging to Spanish Ebola victim, Teresa Romero Ramos,  which caused locals to demonstrate when it was destroyed.
6. UKIP won the Clacton-on-Sea by-election and came second in an election in which other constituency?
7. Name the Syrian town on the border with Turkey where ISIS and Kurdish fighters, aided by US air strikes, are battling for control.
Bonus: Turkey’s president has warned that air strikes are not enough to defeat Isis? What is his name?
8. Father-of-16 Terry Harvey, 56, has died of a heart attack. Where did he live?
9. One of Lynsey de Paul’s biggest hits was played as her wicker coffin was carried into a North London cemetery chapel. Name the song.
Bonus: Who said this week: 'I am aware that in some of my recent photos I look somewhat unhealthy, but that’s what illness can do. I’m not going to worry about that, I’ll rest when I’m dead'?
10. Labour rebels reportedly want Alan Johnson to replace Ed Miliband as party leader. What position did Mr Johnson hold when Labour lost power in 2010?
11. Who was the first celebrity to be voted off Strictly Come Dancing?
12. After last week’s number plate row, Argentinian Police have released a photograph of another set of plates which were found in a car used by the BBC’s Top Gear programme. What did the plates spell?
13. Which two countries are Prince Charles and Camilla (Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall) visiting later this month in a move designed by the Foreign Office to 'strenghten co-operation in the fights against drugs and crime'? Half a point for each.
14. What was the parody Twitter account - mentioned in Kevin Pietersen’s autobiography - to which a number of England players have denied having access to?
15. Malaysian billionaire’s wife Pauline Chai reckons she can prove she lives in the UK and have her divorce case heard here. What is her evidence?
16. Jules Bianchi is seriously ill after a crash in the Japanese Grand Prix. Which racing team does he belong to?
17. Cambridge Classics professor Mary Beard said at the Cheltenham Literature Festival that people should take pride in growing …....... Fill in the missing word.
18. According to the International Monetary Fund which country now has the biggest economy in the world?
19. In the remake of Dad’s Army which actor will play the part of Sgt Wilson, originally portayed by John Le Mesurier?
20. Research to celebrate the UK launch of children’s literacy show Wallykazam! this week revealed the 50 most common misspelt words. Four of the words on the list began with A. Name one of them (and spell it correctly)

Answers here


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