Friday, 3 October 2014

This week's news quiz: 20 is your target

The Daily Telegraph trainees had sessions with Tony Johnston, David Banks and learned to shoot and edit video with Mark Batey at the Press Association's training HQ in Howden this week. 
Meanwhile the Mail trainees did journalism with Mike Watson and Fiona Webster, explored the world of photography with Martin Stephens and visited the Hull Daily Mail offices. The sports trainees worked a live Europa League session at PA's operation centre on Thursday night. 
As always the week ended with the news quiz. It is either getting easier or the message is getting through that journalists need to keep up to speed with the detail of the news. Three Mail trainees scored a highly impressive 20 out of 25. They were Michael Owens, James Restall and Lydia Willgress. Catherine Hardy came close to joining them with a score of 19. The Telegraph’s top scorer was Olivia Rudgard with 15.5, narrowly beating Izzy Fraser with 15. So, can you do any better? If you get more than 20 out of 25, you can give yourself a huge pat on the back. 

George Osborne: See Q1
Picture courtesy of the Press Association

1. David Cameron said he would raise the 40p tax rate threshold to £50,000. What is the current threshold?
Bonus: Cameron described William Hague as ‘our greatest living ……………...’ . Fill in the blank.
Bonus: If you go to bed with Nigel Farage on May 7 who, according to Cameron, will you wake up with?
Bonus: Who Tweeted 'Would rather have Fred and Rose West quote my characters on child care than that c*** Osborne quote them on choice?'
Bonus: It’s the turn of the Liberal Democrats to have their conference next. In which city will it be held?
2. Bill and Hillary Clinton became grandparents when daughter Chelsea gave birth. What is the baby called?
3. Which American Ryder Cup golfer publicly criticised his captain?
Bonus: In which US state will the next Ryder Cup be held?
4. Which event took place at the Aman Grand Canale?
5. Who was shocked to discover her great-great grandmother was killed in a crush at a clothes sale in East London?
6. Why was Kieran Conry in the headlines?
7. RAF jets are flying missions to Iraq from Cyprus. What is the name of their base?
8. From which position did Julia Pierson resign?
9. Whose book, There's Something I've Been Dying To Tell You, will be published next week?
10. Which cartoon is being accompanied by a cautionary note that it may depict scenes of ‘racial prejudice’?
11. Why was Malin Sahlen upset?
12. Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong have adopted which symbol?
13. Stephen Fry revealed his cocaine habit in the third volume of his autobiography. What is it called?
14. Why was Arron Banks in the headlines?
15. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have started legal action against a photographer amid reports that he tried to take a picture of Prince George in which London park?
16. Almost 50 people were killed when a volcano erupted on which Japanese mountain?
17. Jay-Z, Beyonce and David Beckham watched a Champions Leage football match on Tuesday night. Which two teams were playing? (half point for each)
18. Who upset Argentina by driving a car with the registration number H982 FLK?
19. Thomas Eric Duncan became the first person in American to officially have what?
20. Who was appointed US editor-at-large of MailOnline?

Answers here 

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